Air Grip gripper for bottles and boxes

An all-in-one solution for the robot-based handling of bottles in the form of the newly developed “Air Grip World system” by Yaskawa and AB Trygg.

This system with its details in stainless design ensures reliable, flexible and fast picking up of bottles, erecting cardboard boxes and finally palletizing these boxes for delivery.

It is all in the details!

Features and benefits

Air Grip, MOTOMAN robots, sorting table, safety cross and all the other accessories are designed for a high capacity production with a minimal stand still. Scroll down for short videos with the features and benefits of Air Grip bottle handling gripper tool and our other accessories.


Safety Cross feature

This important safety feature minimize the risk of collissions.

It prevents the gripper tool from being dropped by accident.


Changing cuffs

Gripping cuffs last long, and can hold the bottle even if they are damaged.

Changing a cuff is easily done by hand without special tools


Air Grip block adjustment

Air Grip can e.g. automatically adjust the arrangement of the bottles while still in the air and on its way to the crate.


Air Grip demo unit

The Air Grip demo unit introduces bottle handling on a small scale. It is complete with additional vital equipment like the GA700 inverters and MicroPLC unit – all from Yaskawa.


Air Grip at MachTec

The Air Grip grip tool makes sure that bottles are held securely even at high speed.  It also picks up both bottles and trays. And it can ”redesign” itself in the air to suit different location of the bottles. This is a clip from the MachTech fair in Bulgaria.